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CE Marking

When a product is CE marked then it signifies that it complies with the EU directives and is safe for use by the people. With CE marking on the products, it becomes very easy to market the products in the European markets. It also helps in increasing the confidence of the customers in the company as well as the manufacturer.

CE Marking responsibilities

CE marking is one of the most important and mandatory marking that signifies that the product is in compliance with the directives given by the European Union regarding the health and safety of the users of a product.

CE Benefits

Following are responsible for the ensuring the compliance of products to CE marking directives. • Manufacturer • Importer • Distributor • Representative For manufacturers, it is essential to assess the conformity, draw up all the technical details, Declare the conformity and place the CE mark on the product.

CE Marking Consultants

CE marking Process

The process of CE marking certification includes identification of the directives applicable to the product, get knowledge about the conformity assessment procedure for the products and the directive related, ensure the compliance of the product with the directives, prepare the declaration of the compliance and affix the CE logo on the product.

EU directives

The EU directive is a legislation that contains various sets of requirements that must be met in order to make the products marketable in European Union. The directive gives different simple measures that make it easy and simple to manufacture different goods and facilitate free trade between European Countries.

Notified Body for CE marking

In order to make sure that the products conform to the CE marking directives, it is essential for a company to have a notified body that assesses the conformance of the products to the directives. The assessment includes inspection, quality check and assurance, and examination of type of design.

CE Marking

The CE logo is placed on the conforming products along with the ISO standard number to which the product is in compliance. The minimum height of the logo must be 5 mm. If the size is enlarged then the letters must be in right proportion.